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Skulls in the Palm of Your Hand

Today's skull of the day is this gorgeous surrealism piece by A.D. Pancho. You can find Pancho typically tattooing in his signature color surrealist style at Rock 'n' Roll Tattoo in Scotland, one of the best known studios in the country.

Today's pick is a Pancho classic. Using darker shading, Pancho is able to flawlessly transition from human hands into the gorgeous skull that makes up the focal point of the piece. The bright orange emulating from the inside of the skull and hands helps to create the shadowy illusion allowing for a believable transformation from bone to skin. Not to mention that hands are already notorious for being difficult to tattoo and Pancho bangs these beauties out like it was nothing, instantly showcasing his amazing talents behind a needle!

The minimal background used in this piece really helps define the main image depicted. The soft greens and dulled yellows contrast to the paralleled orange tones within the skull, thus making the orange hues look even brighter to the naked eye. This paired with the dark shading of the skull and hands help to make the piece look as if it was actually glowing. Who knew you could light a tattoo up like a jack-o-lantern?

To see more amazing work by A.D. Pancho, check out some of our favorite pieces from his portfolio right here. And remember, not all skulls look like skulls, so check out some of our favorite tattoos of skulls in disguise in this list of artistic skull tattoos.

Available at INKEDSHOP.COM: Anatomy Gummy Bear

Available at INKEDSHOP.COM: Anatomy Gummy Bear