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Skulls In Space

Today's skull of the day is this remarkable piece by Andrés Acosta. Acosta is best known for his rose morphs, but every now and then he'll showcase some of his galaxy-inspired work and it never fails to blow our minds.

Based in Houston, Texas, at Red Dagger Tattoo, Acosta is one of the coolest color surrealist artists around. His color saturation is always executed so well and his color palette is just enormous, as you can clearly see in today's piece. This skull, rounded out by the blues and purples of the galaxy scene, is brought to life thanks to the immense amount of hues used. There isn't just one shade of blue or purple, but many layered upon one another to give this piece the crisp, clean look it has.

We're crazy about the perfect placement of this piece, too. The ribs and upper side can be very tricky to tattoo and very painful to get tattooed, however, all of the clean work that went into this piece make it hard to even tell that this area is rather difficult to get inked. The swirls of the galaxy feel extremely organic and flow so beautifully with the body. This is definitely one lucky client to be able to walk away with such a gorgeous piece forever inked on her body.

For more incredible pieces by Andrés Acosta, check out some of our favorite Acosta rose morphs right here. And if you're feeling up for more fun skull tattoos, check out this list of artistic skull ink!

Available at INKEDSHOP.COM: Anatomy Gummy Bear

Available at INKEDSHOP.COM: Anatomy Gummy Bear