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Is Slash's Latest Ink For His Lovely Lady?

Getting matching couples tattoos is nowhere near a new trend, but it is something still highly publicized in the media when anyone of celebrity status gets one. Earlier this month, the famed guitarist, Slash, revealed his latest ink—coordinates for Woodland Hills, California, and Chicago—tattooed on his neck. The piece was done by tattoo artist Todd Aarik Reich, who posted a photo of the aviator-wearing musician's new ink to his Instagram notably being his first tattoo of 2015. What comes as the biggest surprise with this new ink is that earlier this week Slash's newest girlfriend, according to TMZ, Meegan Hodges, posted a photo of herself to Twitter in which she displays the exact same tattooed coordinates on her wrist. Since Slash filed for divorce from his wife of 13 years about a month ago, it was unexpected to see matching tattoos surface so early between the rocker and his current girlfriend. To see some of our favorite tattooed couples check out our top picks right here. (Warning: they might make you a little jealous!)

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