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Smarter Than Your Average Phone

The Samsung world has been tirelessly working to improve their user’s day-to-day life with their smart tech aimed to benefit the user based solely on functionality rather than fad. Now that the Samsung Galaxy S5 is finally here, the world of smart phones is about to enter a new era.

To begin with the S5 is equipped with a 5.1-inch display complemented by a textured backing plastic for easy grip. This nifty device is also both dust and water resistant, which means no need for a protective case and its all set to take on your daily workout routine, being both dirt and sweat resistant. Like recent Galaxy products, the S5 has one of the best phone cameras on the market. Whether it’s through the 16-megapixel back camera or the 2-megapixel front camera, your panoramas, selfies, actions shots, and whatever other photographs you might take are going to come out beautifully and, most importantly, in high quality. The S5 has also removed the need for any photo editing apps by giving you its own personal photo editing functions to spice up your pictures. And if you need any help navigating the phone, just ask the very helpful and occasionally snarky S Voice, the Samsung answer to Apple’s Siri. Apart from being able to access the phone with a nifty finger print scanner, the S5 is dedicated to your well-being.


The phone comes complete with a MILK Music App to accompany you during your workouts and the S Health App, an app designed to accompany the latest S5 accessory, the Gear Fit. Like past models of Gear, the Gear Fit looks like a very futuristic, sci-fi watch. This time, however, the Gear Fit will monitor your heart rate (also a function of the S5), function as a calorie counting pedometer, and keep you up to date with all of your notifications on your phone, all governed with the guidance of the S Health app. This phone is truly paving the way for smart phone innovation and should not be overlooked in a the slew of various smart phone products being released because it is easily a strong competitor.