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The Snarky Side of the Force

Mark Hamill gets it. The first notable role Hamill ever had was in Star Wars as Luke Skywalker and in the eyes of hundreds of millions of people he will always be that boy from Tatooine. Being pigeonholed so early on could have ruined Hamill's career, there are hundreds of stories of actors who have come to loathe the roles that made them famous. But that's not the way Hamill has chosen to play things. Instead he looks at us with a winking eye to show that he is in on the joke, that he finds his enormous amount of fame tied to this iconic franchise to be more than a little absurd.

Some of the more famous depictions of this would be his role as himself/Cocknocker in Kevin Smith's Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and how he continually voices Luke Skywalker in Star Wars parodies on Robot Chicken. It turns out that he also does a little bit of snarky commentary when signing autographs. Thanks to a post on Imgur we learned that much of the time Hamill will get in a dig or two at George Lucas's iconic franchise while meeting fans. In the gallery below we have put together the funniest examples of Hamill's snarky side. Enjoy these pictures, you will.