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A Sneak Preview of July's 'Freshly Inked'


For the latest issue of Freshly Inked we have done something that we have never done before—we based the issue around famed tattoo collector Yallzee. As guest editor of this issue Yallzee picked out artists that he respected so much that he is wearing their work on his skin. In a way, Yallzee is serving as a connector for a tattoo version of "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon."

In our interview with Yallzee you will see inside the mind of a tattoo collector—how he started collecting, what drives him to keep it going and how he'll know when his collection is complete are all on the table. Then we speak with the phenomenal artists that have contributed to that collection of his. The artists in this issue represent a virtual all-star team of tattooing. We've got Mike DeVries, Mike Rubendall, Jess Yen, Brandon Schultheis, Joe Capobianco and a whole lot more.

In the gallery below you can get a sneak peak at what you'll find in the pages of July's Freshly Inked, including a look at one tattoo from each of the supremely talented artists. Once you are done clicking through this gallery don't forget to CLICK HERE in order to order your subscription to Freshly Inked.