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Sneak Preview of the New Freshly Inked w/ Danny Lepore


The April/May issue of Freshly Inked is about to hit newsstands but you don't have to wait any longer before getting a look at what is waiting inside. This issue features an insane number of tattoos (over 500!) and interviews with 12 of the top artists in the game as well as coverage of the latest conventions.

Danny Lepore, one of the tattoo game's brightest rising stars, talks about how he found his signature style as well as the importance of going out on the road. He may look like he's barely old enough to even get a tattoo but when artists like Carl Grace refer to Danny as "an unstoppable force" you know that he's got some mad skills.

For this issue we also had some help from guest editor Tim Hendricks. Hendricks picked some of his favorite artists to feature and you'll find them marked throughout the magazine. That should be motivation enough to get you to pick up the new issue, but allow us to entice you some more. Some of the artists featured in this issue include Alex Noir, Little Linda, Steve Wiebe, Rose Hardy, Fabrizio Divari and many more.

Page through the following gallery to get a glimpse of the work of each of the artists feature in this issue. Once you've gotten a taste of this issue of Freshly Inked we know that you are going to want to hurry out and get a copy of your own. You can do so by going here to subscribe to Freshly Inked, and if you just want to pick up a single copy, whether it be this issue or any of our back issues, click here.