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Snowboarding the Streets of NYC with Casey Neistat

This past weekend a blizzard by the name of Jonas ravaged the East Coast and dropped two feet of snow on New York City. While the majority of us stayed inside wrapped in blankets and binge watching Netflix, filmmaker Casey Neistat got out his snowboard and started shredding. He didn't go to Central Park to find a hill to snowboard like you would expect. No, this daredevil decided to make the empty city streets his own personal ski slope by grabbing on to a rope as a buddy towed him with a jeep.

It's already disorienting to see the streets of New York damn near empty, it's quite another thing to see a guy gliding behind the only car on the road. In the video below you can see Neistat have the time of his life as he finds a far more entertaining way to commute than the boring old subway. Once a friend of his joins in on a pair of skis the two take things to the next level. It's all fun and games until Neistat and company cross the path of the NYPD, but we don't want to spoil what happens, you'll just have to see the video to find out.

The only thing we don't love about this video is that Neistat is so bundled up that we can't see any of his unique tattoos. The filmmaker has taken to having phrases inked on to his arms in an effort to keep himself motivated, the most prominent of these being the words "Do More" in bold block letters. We'll give him a pass this time, the only thing more dangerous than snowboarding in the street would have been to go out in the blizzard without a coat.

Available at INKEDSHOP.COM: "Fuck The Cold" Beanie

Available at INKEDSHOP.COM: "Fuck The Cold" Beanie