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Snowflake Tattoos

Although the weather this year has been fairly mild in comparison to years past, winter is rapidly creeping up. Long gone are the days where you could wear shorts and tank tops because there will be snow under foot any day now. Now before you lock yourself indoors for three months, remember that winter isn't all bad. Sure it's cold, but seeing the snow fall out of your window is a beautiful sight and one that you may have missed during the warmer months. One of the best parts of winter is that this time of year let's you be a kid again, from spending your day off building snow forts, to sledding in the park, to drinking hot chocolate by the fire, and especially catching snowflakes on your tongue. There's something strangely idyllic about this season and many individuals choose to reflect on this time of year through tattoos that will last long after the snow has melted away. Here are some of the most chilling snowflake tattoos that you won't want to ice out.