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VIDEO: This Soapy Tattoo Reveal Video Will Blow Your Mind

People on the internet are unhappy with the latest tattoo reveal trend: The soapy tattoo reveal. Surely by now you've seen a video or two?

See? There's an example of a fantastic soap reveal. It just gets you sort of pumped up when you see that tattoo appearing out of nowhere, right? Well, Scotty Munster disagrees. Munster is so disturbed by the fad he's taking to social media to try and stop the epidemic by recruiting fellow artists and asking them to support T.A.S.R. (Tattooers Against Soapy Reveals).

The Inked family enjoys a dramatic reveal every once in a while, so we're not mad about the soapy tattoo reveal gaining momentum. We gave it a shot here in our offices, but we're not sure we did it right. Take a look.

skull shot glass

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