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Social Media Is Baffled by This Tattoo Selfie


Some people show their stupidity on social media, in the case of these tattooed selfies more than a few people are confused to why the tattoo in question is on opposite sides of this woman's torso (see below). Found on Reddit, these unbelievably seem baffled by these two photos. Our favorites: "Congratulations but I have a question, is her tattoo moving?" "I want someone to tell me how losing weight can move a tattoo to the opposite side? I'm not sure that this is the same person." "Come on are you messing with our heads?? Bad Photoshop!!!! What's wrong with the tattoo?" "Mirror or not the tattoo is wrong. My tattoo is on my right arm no matter how I take my picture."

At least the last one recognized it was a mirror photo. We are confounded by the state of society when so many could be wrong. Thankfully, there are also smart and witty people on the internet such as the commenters on Reddit. Among our favorites who burned these mental midgets on the post originally started by Cipher032 with the prompt "The denizens of social media are experts in pushing me ever closer to the void," are:

SweetPinkSocks: "[sobs into her fists] We're doomed!"

CrimsonGryphon: "There is a point where it stops being funny and starts being sad. I'd say my limit is 3 people."

Mirror, mirror
On the wall,
What's with the bull
They try to call?

TheLateApexLine: "Welp, humans were a clever species for a little while I suppose. Oh well."

Kacron: "It got me for half a minute. I don't have a very high wisdom at times."


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