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Sometimes You Just Have to Let It Go

Disney films are some of the most iconic animated movies out there. Since its founding in 1923, Disney films have featured some of pop culture's most beloved characters, including the famous Disney princesses.

While we have seen many tattoos of old school princesses like Snow White, Cinderella and even Belle from Beauty and the Beast, we are now starting to see ink of some of Disney's newer royalty. Take a look at this piece above done by tattoo artist Liz Cook on fellow tattoo artist Sarah Miller. This amazing piece is one of the first tattoos we've come across of Elsa, the snow queen from Disney's latest blockbuster hit, Frozen.

This bright and beautiful tattoo is not only well executed, but also filled with charisma. The way Cook tattoos in mind-blowing as she can always capture a real personality within each of her pieces. This friendly smirk on Elsa's face and the light behind her eyes shine through in this animated portrait. We love the texture that's used throughout this piece, too. Everything from Elsa's full head of hair to the beading in her blue dress seem to jump off of the skin. Finally, to top the whole piece off, Cook added a subtle blue background complete with a snowflake focal point letting the viewer know that Elsa really is the snow queen. Who doesn't want to just bust out singing "Let It Go" when they see this?

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Available at INKEDSHOP.COM: Women's "Frozen" Scoop Neck Tee by Black Market Art

Available at INKEDSHOP.COM: Women's "Frozen" Scoop Neck Tee by Black Market Art