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Spankings, Blood, and Used Panties—27 Most Common Fetishes

Does Your Kink Make the List?

While we're all familiar with the classic fetishes—from feet to BDSM, there are plenty of kinks in this list you've never heard of. Some of them make total sense as to why they turn people on, say for instance, getting off by having sex in a mirror. However, we can't see why anyone would get a woody for a balloon. Take a look at 27 of the most common and the craziest fetishes that real people experience. We promise not to yuck your yums, just as long as your partner is willing and consenting. Check out the kinks that drive Americans wild in the video gallery below, then if we missed any of your secret turn ons on this list, let us know in the comment section on Facebook. This is a no judgment zone people!

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