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SPOILER ALERT: Ink Master Season 10 Ep.1 RECAP

You Won't Believe What Went Down During the Premiere

By Matthew R Hayes

The Ink Master franchise frequently switches the structure of the show. They have created an all new format for Season 10. This season, 24 potential contestants compete for 18 spots in the competition. The 18 artists that remain will compete in three teams of six. Each team is coached by a former Ink Master winner.

The three returning masters are: Season 2 winner, Steve Tefft, Season 7 winner, Anthony Michaels, and Season 9 winner, DJ Tambe. The masters will guide the contestants in their quest for $100,000 while also competing amongst themselves for an additional $100,000.

The newly named Paramount Network is not pinching pennies! RIP Spike.

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