Sports Tattoos by Steve Butcher


New Zealand's Steve Butcher has found quite an impressive niche—he tattoos some of the best sports scenes you'll ever see. Butcher clearly has a love of the NBA, with Kobe and the Lakers serving as a particular muse. All of Butcher's pieces appear to come to life on the skin; as you stare at one of his tattoos you almost feel like you are watching a highlight reel. Like with the tattoo below, I'm sure that Spurs fans get a little sick to their stomach as they relive one of the most heartbreaking moments in the history of their franchise.

Going through Butcher's portfolio can be compared to flipping through a book of the NBA's greatest hits. Here's Jordan posterizing someone, here's Bird and Magic fighting for a rebound, there's Vince Carter in the middle of a windmill jam. Butcher absolutely kills it with each jaw-dropping tattoo. In the words of Marv Albert, Butcher is on fire! In the gallery below we've gathered a slew of unbelievable sports tattoos by Steve Butcher that you absolutely need to see.