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'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Tattoos

We are still two weeks away from the premier of the massively anticipated Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. Two long and horrible weeks that will seem like an eternity to every Star Wars fan. No matter how badly we want to see the new film we're just going to have to wait along with everyone else. One intriguing way that people have been showing their anticipation for the film is through tattoos. Despite never seeing the film hundreds of fans have gotten ink based entirely off of images from the trailers. That's insane dedication. I mean, Jar Jar Binks looked kind of cool in the trailer for The Phantom Menace but anyone who would have gotten the Gungan tattooed prior to seeing the film would have been considering laser removal before they were finished their popcorn. So we have to hand it to these people, way to show some faith in your favorite franchise. So check out this gallery featuring Kylo Ren, BB-8, Captain Phasma and many more characters that we will soon meet on the big screen.