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Stay Gold, Pony Boy

Butch Walker is Music's Golden Boy

“If you ever stop being inspired or stop being taught, you die,” Butch Walker says. “I am constantly grateful that I’m being inspired all the time.”

If you don’t know Walker’s solo project, you probably heard his music in one way or another, whether it’s from one of his past bands (he was the lead guitarist of SouthGang and the front man of Marvelous 3 with the Top 40 hit “Freak of the Week”) or if it’s in his producing career, with his collection of artists including Katy Perry, Gavin DeGraw, P!nk, Taylor Swift and Keith Urban. If you do know him, you are probably one of those die-hard fans that has all of his records, read his book, seen his film, know and adore his son, mourned his father’s death and danced your face off at his show—face-to-face with him as he routinely jumps into the crowd.

Enjoy "Stay Gold" by Butch Walker

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