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Step into the Future with the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is taking everything you ever knew about smart phones and turning it on it's ear. With the Galaxy S6 Edge Samsung has delivered a high end phone that not only looks better than any other phone on the market—seriously, it looks so cool—but it also outperforms what people once thought was even possible.

Let's start with the camera. It wasn't too long ago that a camera on a phone was just a novelty so you could send grainy pictures of what you were eating to make your friends jealous. Now nobody wants to own a phone that doesn't take crisp, clear photos—and this camera certainly does that. The 16 MP camera in the rear takes excellent photos, but what is most striking is the speed with which it can take those pictures. The processing speed is much faster than previous models and the app has been simplified so it doesn't feel like they are just throwing options at you left and right. But what about my precious selfies, you are probably asking. The front facing camera has been upgraded significantly going from 2 MP to 5 MP. Don't worry, your selfie game will be on point with the Galaxy S6 Edge.

Somehow we made it this far without talking about the screen, how is that possible. The curved edge screen is what makes this phone look so much sexier than all of the other phones on the market. The bold and clear pictures on the screen stand out above the rest. One small disappointment is that there aren't a whole lot of apps that take full advantage of the curved screen, yet. The technology is so new that it will take a little while for that specialization to happen, but we are confident that when it does it will be amazing.

All phones need to be charged. Having to plug into a wall socket for a long time is something that we have come to accept begrudgingly. What if we didn't have to do that? Two things about the Galaxy S6 Edge change the way we charge our phones. First, in ten minutes of charging you can get up to 4 hours of battery life. Talk about charging in a hurry. Secondly, the phone is set up so that it can be charged remotely. As in, you don't need to plug into a wall socket sitting on the dirty floor in the middle of a busy airport anymore.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is an amazing piece of technology that you have to check out for yourself in order to believe.

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