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The Story Behind this Man's Tattoo Will Warm Your Heart

Just last week we thought that we had found the parents of the year after a pair got tattoos to match their child's birthmark. Well, there's another man in the running after photos of a father's tattoo of a hearing aid were shared on Instagram, according to theMirror.

The identity of the man is still unknown but that doesn't make the story any less heartwarming. The photo shows a man with a cochlear implant tattooed on his head alongside a little girl with the actual device. This is basically a tattoo version of wearing a pair of glasses with clear lenses to make a child feel more comfortable with their new look, and it's awesome. Since having a cochlear implant is an invasive procedure with some complications a tattoo was the next best option.

Kids get teased for the stupidest reasons and it's heartbreaking to think that a girl would be given grief on the schoolyard for having a hearing aid. But, as we all know, that's the way kids are. Having a parent wearing such a visible, and permanent, sign of support must make the child feel fantastic.

This trend of parents getting tattoos in solidarity with their children is sure to bring a tear to the eye of even the most hardened individual. These parents are evidence that many of the negative stereotypes about tattooed people are all a load of crap. If you want to see examples of other tattooed parents crushing stereotypes check out this gallery. 

We heartily applaud the loving gesture that this parent made and look forward to hearing about many, many more stories like this one in the future.

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