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Street Artist Builds Wall Around Donald Trump's Hollywood Star

plastic jesus trump wall

Only hours after Donald Trump was named the presidential nominee for the Republican Party at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland pedestrians in Hollywood found a tiny wall built around Trump's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Within minutes the star was swarmed as people took selfies alongside the sculpture, which is the latest politically charged installation from street artist Plastic Jesus. 

Plastic Jesus has made a career of hilariously skewering celebrities and the culture that surrounds them. By turning his attention to mocking celebrity culture the prolific street artist hopes to open people's eyes to greater injustices across society. By building a six inch tall wall around Trump's star on the Walk of Fame Plastic Jesus is openly critiquing the signature position of Trump's presidency, but doing so in a humorous way that has caught the attention of even the least politically minded.

Much like famed street artist Banksy, Plastic Jesus has shown diversity in the ways that he presents his art. Plastic Jesus does both 2D paintings and 3D installations, he works with simple stenciled statements and elaborate statues. Get to know the politically charged work of Plastic Jesus in the gallery below.