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When Styles Collide

Today's tattoo of the day is this adorable pup by Tamara Santibanez. Santibanez is based at Saved Tattoo in Brooklyn, New York and is best known for her fun take on the American traditional style.

Having only been tattooing since January of 2010, Santibanez has come a long way in a such a short amount of time. Her pieces are always bold, bright and beautiful, thus making for an excellent example of an old school style in modern times.

Just take a look at today's pick. We love the use of black and grey within the dog to round out the color scheme of the headdress without entirely overwhelming or muddying the overall design and color palette. The bold outlines and minimal color scheme that signal American traditional tattooing then flow flawlessly into the grey variations that make up the black and grey realism aesthetic Santibanez accented the piece with. Thus, we get to check out one cool mixture of two classic styles meshed into one.

Combining styles has become quite the fad in the industry over the last few years, so watching a talented artist like Santibanez mash up traditional with black and grey is no surprise, but when done right, reads extremely well. Since both of these styles are known for lasting extremely well throughout the years, we guarantee that this piece is going to look great many years down the road.

To see more amazing work from Tamara Santibanez, make sure to check out her artist profile right here.

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