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'Suicide Squad' Set to Invade SXSW With Tattoo Flash Posters


Suicide Squad is being marketed unlike any film that we can remember. Not only has there been an onslaught of social media posts building up anticipation for the film, but tattoo imagery has been featured in nearly everyone of the pieces. The latest instance is a series of Instagram posts from the stars of the film showing off tattoo flash designs of each character with the hashtags "SXSW" and "HarleysTattooParlor."

We like to think that director David Ayers and his entire team have made tattoos such a huge part of the promotion for the film as a sort of "fuck you" to the initial reaction to the first images of a tattooed Joker by comic fans. When photos of actor Jared Leto covered in tattoos first appeared traditional fans went absolutely crazy about how the character looked nothing like how he does in the comics, and ever since then we have been seeing more and more tattoos showing up in Suicide Squad. Many of the characters are sporting a ton of ink, most noticeably fan favorite Harley Quinn. Not only does Harley (played by Margot Robbie) appear to dabble as a tattoo artist in the film, but the actual actors have taken to getting tattooed by Robbie in costume. That's a hell of a way for a cast to bond!

There is still a lot of mystery about what exactly the images released on Wednesday mean going forward into SXSW. It could be that the film will be shown at the festival, or possibly that there will be a pop up tattoo shop inking fans with logos for their favorite anti-heroes. And while we're not sure exactly what will happen we are pissed that we won't be in Austin to experience it.