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SullenTV - Tattoo Collector Jeremy Allen

Few things please us more than the emergence of the "tattoo collector." Of course, the idea of people collecting tattoos and covering their entire bodies in ink is nothing new. What's new is the celebration of these individuals. We focus so much on the artist's point of view when it comes to creating tattoos, by turning the spotlight on the collector we can start to see things from the other side. By learning how a collector went about getting their tattoos we can understand their artistic vision of their own body, which can be quite fascinating.

In this edition of SullenTV we meet Jeremy Allen and his collection. Allen started getting tattooed at 18 with a couple of nautical stars (that he is in the process of having lasered away) he started putting some real thought into his tattoo collection.

"I got my sleeves done and just progressed from there," Allen explains. "The more and more I got my tattoos I would look in the mirror and all of the bare spots looked weird."

It turns out that for Allen the hardest part about getting tattooed is trying to decide what exactly to fill those bare spaces with. With so many artists creating so much amazing artwork Allen finds himself having trouble deciding what to do with the increasingly limited amount of skin that he has left to ink.

Find out more about Allen, the extensive work that Roman Abrego has done on his body, the furthest he traveled to get tattooed and more by watching the video below.

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Available at INKEDSHOP.COM: Men's "Dance Cards" Tank by OG Abel