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SullenTV: Yelawolf Live at Musink

Musink is one of the sickest tattoo conventions in the country. Held annually in Orange County and presented by Travis Barker the festival takes everything you love about tattoo conventions and throws a music festival right on top of it. This past year's event featured performances from Bad Religion, Rancid, Blink-182, Yelawolf and more. This episode of SullenTV follows Yelawolf as he got tattooed on Saturday and rocked the stage on Sunday.

Rick Thorne, the legendary BMX rider/rock star/TV host, is able to catch up with Yelawolf in one of the very rare instances when the musician is sitting still. Known for his raucous shows the Alabama-born rapper is known for having a motor that never stops but in this case he was being tattooed by the amazing Mike DeVries, a damn fine reason for slowing down.

Throughout the video by SullenTV you can get a look at the epic back piece DeVries is working on, hear about the cultural mecca that is Southern California and hear portions of Yelawolf's rollicking set from Musink. Barker even joins him on stage to do what he does best, being the house down from behind the drum kit. This is one episode of SullenTV that you don't want to miss.

To read our Inked interview with Yelawolf check out this link. And if you want to get the full low down on Travis Barker and the album he worked on with Yelawolf you'll definitely want to read this article. 

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Available at INKEDSHOP.COM: Men's "Badge of Honor" Tank by Sullen Clothing