Super-Sonic Twerking!


Pump Up the Volume and Get Blown Away!

It should be an insult to compare what Melanie does with her rapid-fire hips to twerking, but that is what some social media darlings have labeled her sonic hip shaking.
So who is this super-talented, extremely beautiful purveyor of Polynesian culture? Well, her name is Melanie-Marie and she is the winner of the 2015 Hura Tahiti Nui World Dance Championship held in Tahiti.
Although Melanie is not Polynesian - her mother, Yolanda, who is African-American and her father, Kevin, who is Filipino – have been actively involved in preserving Polynesian culture for many years. So much so that they started this style of dance when she was just 2-years-old and are deeply involved with Photo via Tamarii Matairea.

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 Photo via Tamarii Matairea