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Is This the Most Surreal Skull Out There?

Today's skull of the day is another remarkable piece by Rember Orellana. Orellana is a highly talented artist who can work equally well in both color and black and grey, for today's pick, however, he chose to go an all black and grey route.

Orellana's work always has hints of surrealism and bio-organic qualities to it, and today is no exception. Though the focal point of the piece is clearly the skull, it's the added embellishments that highlight the skull that really make this such a "wow" piece. We love the filigree-like designs flowing off of the skull's forehead and how it mimics the aesthetic of the design work that flows around the rest of the skull.

For being an entirely black and grey piece, this tattoo holds a lot of black that the viewer might not pick up on at first glance. To create such a cool contrast between the skull and the client's arm, Orellana packed a lot of solid black behind many of the focal pieces in order to read better in the design as a whole, but also to help ensure that this cool piece can really last a life time.

Another interesting aspect about this piece is the angle that the skull was portrayed at. It's not a full view of the skull, instead it's displayed at a three-quarter view tilted downwards as if it was to appear like it was emerging from the depths of the client's skin. This unusual effect is extremely effective in making this piece jump off the skin at the viewer and we hope to see more pieces with this effect soon.

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Available at INKEDSHOP.COM: Anatomy Gummy Bear

Available at INKEDSHOP.COM: Anatomy Gummy Bear