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This Surreal Tattoo Will Blow Your Mind

Every time Pietro Sedda creates a tattoo there is one thing that you can be certain of—it will be unlike anything that you have ever seen before. Today's Tattoo of the Day is an amazingly strange and surreal piece created by Sedda featuring a picture inside a separate face's silhouette. Often Sedda uses the faces of sailors or men with dapper 1950's era haircuts to serve as a sort of frame for a secondary picture. When asked to describe his tattoo style Sedda unsurprisingly spoke of the emotions involved in creating the work.

"I don’t think I can define it," Sedda explains. "Perhaps melancholic… I don’t really like definitions. I prefer to talk about talent and imagination. I consider the exchange between myself and the client a fundamental part of my creative process."

One thing that separates work like the tattoo above from the rest is that it is impossible to take just one glance at the tattoo; since the artistry within the tattoo has layers one has to take a some time to consider the tattoo. It is because of this that one can argue that Sedda's work has more in common with a Magritte or Dali than it does with the majority of tattoo art. Of course, considering that Sedda is based in Milan it's not unsurprising that he would have so many highbrow influences on his style.

"[The Milan tattoo scene is] quite interesting; there are several tattoo artists on a very professional and big level," Sedda says. "Also, the clients are very different. Milan is a city under the form of the design, with a lot of fashion so the clients are very creative and they like to give me all the trust."

The reason clients are eager to put their trust into Sedda's design choices is that he has earned it with the hundreds of one-of-a-kind tattoos he has inked in his career. You can see a whole lot more of his work and read his Freshly Inkedinterview here. 

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Available at INKEDSHOP.COM: Women's "Be Kind to Animals" Racerback Tank by The T-Shirt Whore