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Sushi Doughnuts Look Cool, But How Do They Taste?

Ladies and gents, a doughnut made of sushi has been born and now it is hogging news feeds everywhere. The sushi doughnut is not sweet, it is not baked or fried (though a tempura option would be a game changer). It is not filled with jelly or drizzled with glaze. It is a roll of sushi shaped as a circle, resembling that of a doughnut/bagel/other circle-shaped foods with holes in the center. The latest food trend caught the viral bug on a vegan Instagram account, @sobeautifullyraw, led by Melbourne food blogger Sam Murphy. Unfortunately for fish-eaters, her version is just a round of rice with yummy decorative toppings.

Though we have not tested a version of the sushi doughnut ourselves, we imagine it would not stay intact for long. Ever tried biting into a piece of sushi rather than popping the whole bite in your mouth? Not a good idea. The seaweed loses its grip around the fish and other fillers, the rice crumbles to bits and before long you're fishing for your sushi drowning deep in soy sauce.

Eating challenges aside, the sushi doughnut puts the A in attractive. Seriously—how gorgeous is this display? People aren't eating a sushi doughnut because it tastes better than a sushi roll, they're eating it because it looks cool as hell. Same reason people went wild for rainbow bagels earlier this year—they don't necessarily taste better, they look better. For this alone we are tempted to get our hands on one of 'em.

For those concerned, there are multiple versions of the sushi doughnut and not all are vegan. (Again, we are stilling waiting for the tempura, deep fried sushi doughnut. Let's go foodies.) Whole Foods shared a photo of one stuffed with salmon and topped with spicy tuna—we'll take two, extra wasabi and even more ginger. The photo was accompanied by a hashtag that ruined our life: #NotAvailableInStores. Because it has yet to be determined where one can purchase a sushi doughnut, we've shared Murphy's innovative recipe below.

According to Murphy of So Beautifully Raw: 1. Grease a doughnut mold with coconut oil 2. Mold in cooled sushi rice 3. Gently remove by lifting pan upside down 4. Decorate doughnuts with black sesame, ginger, wasabi, cashew mayo and avocado Now, because this recipe only requires stuffing a doughnut mold with rice and then decorating it, we have some suggestions for you to try at home—if you dare. Perhaps coat the bottom of the doughnut mold with sticky rice, fill with fish of your choice and other essentials, gently cover with more sticky rice. Let it sit for a few minutes before removing from the mold. Good luck.