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Swill Some Wine Like a Pirate

When you think of "pirates" what's the first thing to come to your mind? We're guessing that you're currently picturing a rum swilling badass with a long beard (probably with beads or lit fuses tied into it) swing his cutlass and firing his blunderbuss in front of a large Jolly Roger flag. That's what we see. Well, that or Roberto Clemente knocking one out of the park. But we digress.... the point is that not all pirates are like that. Some of them like to just chill out on the couch with a nice glass of merlot as they watch The Notebook. Today's InkedShop Product of the Day, the "Legless Pirate" Bottle Opener is perfectly suited for the more refined buccaneer.

This little guy has everything—a corkscrew for opening wine bottles, a bottle opener for opening beers and those highfaluting sodas with the old-timey bottle caps, a lever for easily removing corks, and a serrated knife for cutting foil on said wine bottles and possibly for cutting fools who try to plunder your booty.

And with the "Legless Pirate" Bottle Opener the functionality is just gravy,the reason to choose this particular bottle opener is how cool it looks. With the corkscrew filling in perfectly for a peg leg this corsair looks legit. He has an eye patch, a beard, a bandana and even a parrot to help cement the image of the stereotypical pirate that we all know and love.

Head on over to INKEDSHOP.COM and pick up the "Legless Pirate" Bottle Opener by Black Label today!

Available at INKEDSHOP.COM: "Legless Pirate" Bottle Opener by Black Label

Available at INKEDSHOP.COM: "Legless Pirate" Bottle Opener by Black Label