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Take a Look Inside the Sex Cult Where P Diddy's Prodigy Died


Victims Called the Cult Leader "Satan in the Flesh"

In 1994, New York rapper Craig Mack burst onto the hip-hop scene with his smash hit 'Flava in Your Ear.' The track was remixed by industry legends Biggie and Busta Rhymes, with Mack being dubbed a prodigy of P Diddy. However, Mack's life soon spiraled out of control, as the lifestyle of excess led to drug use and partying. He struggled to reclaim the success he reached with his first hit and then made a big move by leaving rap for a remote Christian ministry in 2012. Mack resided at the Overcomer Ministry in South Carolina up until last month, when he passed away from heart failure. Following his death, the ministry has been investigated and you won't believe what was uncovered. Take a look at the video slideshow in the gallery below to learn about the shocking sex cult and villainous cult leader behind it.

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