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Take A Look at Fight Club 2 by Chuck Palahniuk

Chuck Palahniuk’s infamous 1996 debut novel, Fight Club, is finally getting a sequel. Fight Club 2, a 10-issue graphic novel series from Dark Horse Comics—written by Palahniuk, with art by Cameron Stewart and covers by David Mack—picks up a decade after the original. Sebastian, the story’s previously unnamed protagonist, and Marla, his chain-smoking sardonic love interest, are unhappily married, with a kid who spends his free time mixing explosives from household products. Both Sebastian and Marla have their own ways of dealing with middle-class wedded drudgery: she still frequents support groups for the terminally ill, and he pops pills to forget his terrorist cult leader past. When Marla tampers with Sebastian’s meds in an attempt to resurrect his maniacally masculine alter ego, Tyler Durden, the couple gets pulled back into the shadowy world of Tyler’s anarchist guerrilla group, Project Mayhem. However, Sebastian finds he’s no longer cut out for underground fight clubs and nihilistic mischief. And, as it turns out, Tyler may be less a figment of his emasculated ego than something far more timeless and sinister.

Fight Club 2’s first issue drops on May 27, with the second issue set to follow on June 24.