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Tallulah Willis Removes Cactus Tattoo, Says She Needs to Stop Getting Inked

For years, Tallulah Willis has been systematically covering her body in tattoos—28 pieces to date—but she may be getting ready to turn over a new leaf, because the 22-year-old daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis recently revealed that, in addition to removing her cactus hip tattoo, she would be putting a kibosh on new ink. It was earlier this month that Tallulah Willis announced on Twitter that she needs to stop getting tattoos, and just a few days later, she posted a video on Instagram of the cactus tattoo she had on her hip being lasered off. Tallulah captioned the video, “thanks @drtattoff you’re like Mr. Clean magic eraser for skin.”

With 28 tattoos scattered across her arms and other body parts, Tallulah Willis is no stranger to ink, but as far as tattoo misgivings go, she (surprisingly) only regrets one of her pieces of body art. As Tallulah told W Magazine back in March, “I have 28 [tattoos] and only regret one. Only a few of them have some deeper meaning for me, most of them just feel like a little décor on the bod. I can’t stop getting them, much to Mama’s chagrin.” We’re guessing the cactus tat was the one she regrets, since she’s in the process of having it removed.

Even though her cactus tattoo got the axe, we have a hard time believing Tallulah Willis will stop getting inked, mostly because she recently revealed yet another new design, this one a black and white image of an old-school composition notebook with “Vol 2” inked in green. Tallulah Willis also has a tattoo of the word “RAD” and a walkie talkie on the inside of her left arm, the word “BABY” on the outside of her left arm, the phrase “obviously magic” on her elbow, and a tattoo of Tony Hawk’s name on her hip, among other interesting pieces. According to Tallulah, her favorite tattoo is the one of a creature’s head she has inked on her arm, which her and her sister, Scout, collaborated on.

The youngest of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore’s three daughters, Tallulah has always followed her own path in life, compared to Rumer, who, like her parents, is pursuing a career in acting, and debuted as Roxie Hart in the Broadway production of Chicago last year. Tallulah’s other older sister, Scout, launched her first clothing line, called Scout’s General, at New York Fashion Week in February, and Tallulah released the first two pieces of her own clothing line, called Buuski, in March.