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Tattly Opens The World's First Temporary Tattoo Parlor

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Growing up, temporary tattoos are a staple in your childhood. After getting the tattoos in goodie bags or from the 25 cent toy dispensers at the supermarket the real fun was in going to school and showing off your new tattoo to your friends. And when you grow up in a household where your parents or older siblings have real ink the anticipation of getting your own can become all you think about.

Now, kids can make their dreams a reality at the Tattly temporary tattoo pop-up shop on Bergen Street in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn. At this shop, run by parlor manager Hans Hendley, the four-year-old temporary tattoo company holds on to the traditional shop aesthetic while making it kid-friendly. Needles and ink are replaced with sponges and squeeze bottles of water.

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The “flash” available offers a variety of designs from child-specific characters to the traditional skull and crossbones. Tattly even has their own “kid’s sleeve” available, consisting of a package with enough tattoos for a full arm or any five at only $25.

With an appearance so close to the real deal, some wander in believing the shop does permanent tattoos, at which time they are generously directed to Brooklyn Tattoo right down the street. Not only does Brooklyn Tattoo appreciate the redirected flow of customers, but they support what Tattly is doing. “It actually impresses upon the younger kids that tattoos are cool or O.K., and gets their minds starting,” Adam Suerte, co-owner of Brooklyn Tattoo,told The New York Times. “So maybe they’ll be future clients.”

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That being said, it isn’t only children and families that frequent Tattly. As Hendley told The New York Times, “The store’s clientele breaks down fairly evenly between adults and children.”

Some older teenagers and adults use the shop as a way to test drive different designs or ideas for future tattoos. But whether they're dealing with an enthusiastic child or an unsure adult, Tattly is giving possible future inked comrades a creative and fun entry into the tattooed world.

 Available at INKEDSHOP.COM: Premier Set Temporary Tattoo by Tattly (Set of 8)

Available at INKEDSHOP.COM: Premier Set Temporary Tattoo by Tattly (Set of 8)