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What is a Tattoo Collector?

Meet Victor. Victor is what we like to call a tattoo collector. Based in Orange County, California, Victor has been getting tattooed since he was 13 years old. Don't worry, he wasn't going to shops at such a young age. Instead, he got introduced to the tattoo world by building his own machines and tattooing himself.

We call Victor a tattoo collector because he's not just going out to get tattooed, he's going out to get custom pieces by some of the most renowned artists in the industry. Here at INKED we like to think of tattoo collectors like fine art collectors, except instead of hanging paintings on their walls, they get to showoff incredible ink on their skin. Victor's collection is constantly growing as he still has some space left to fill on his body, however, so far he has been tattooed by some truly impressive artists. Kat Von D, Jeff Gogue, Corey Miller, Remis, Boog, Ryan Mullins, Nikko Hurtado and Justin Hartman are just a few of the names who have left their mark on Victor's skin.

Sullen TV wanted to give their viewers an inside look at Victor's expansive collection in their latest episode of Tattoo Collector. Watch the video below to get the inside scoop on what first inspired Victor to get tattooed and what led him to pursue becoming a collector, switching up his artists and styles between pieces. This video will also give you an exclusive, up close look at the work Victor has acquired over the years, so make sure to take note of any artists you might want to tattoo you, too!

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