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Tattoo Collector Yuki Ikeda


In this version of SullenTV's Tattoo Collector series we meet Yuki Ikeda, a collector from Oakland, California. While he had a couple of little scratcher type tattoos previously, it wasn't until 2007 that Ikeda started collecting seriously. It was a tattoo on his forearm by Aaron Bell that inspired Ikeda to cover his entire body.

As he has gone about getting covered Ikeda has had more than a few marathon sessions. The longest of which was with Robert Pho in Las Vegas; the black and grey master worked on Ikeda for close to 11 hours.

"The hardest part about being tattooed is obviously the pain," Ikeda says. "But other than that it is trying to narrow down who I want to collect from. There are so many great artists out there nowadays. I say this every time, I wish I had 8 arms, 4 backs, a bunch of extra limbs."

Among the many sessions that Ikeda has logged is an impressive tebori piece inked by Jess Yen. Find out all about Ikeda's collection in the video below. If you like learning about tattoo collectors and their ink you can see plenty more videos here,here and here.

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