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Tattoo Convention Mania: Highlights From Milano and Philadelphia

Check Out the Top Tattoos from the 2018 Milano and Philadelphia Tattoo Conventions

This weekend, two of the biggest conventions in the world took place on opposite ends of the globe—the Villain Arts Philadelphia Tattoo Convention as well as the Milano Tattoo Convention. Each gathered talented and esteemed tattooers from across the country and around the world, boasting some of the best ink of 2018 thus far. From neo-traditional ink slingers to realism masters—each of these tattoo conventions spawned epic ink over the weekend. We've collected some of the best tattoos from each of the expositions and it's about time you checked out what you missed. We're certain that you'll be booking your ticket for the 2019 shows after taking a peek at just a few of the amazing designs from each of the respected conventions. Let us know in the comments section on Facebook which convention you'll be attending in the future and what tattoo truly blew your mind.

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