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The Tattoo Inspired Jewelry of UK Custom Plugs


Tattoos and stretched ears have long gone hand-in-hand within the body modification community. Musicians such as Chester Bennington from Linkin Park, Travis McCoy from Gym Class Heroes, and Davey Havok from AFI all rock the tattoo and stretched ears combination and recently Leeds based plug manufacturer, UK Custom Plugs, has decided to fuse these two worlds together through gorgeous ear jewelry.

The brand of jewelry for stretched ears has been working over the past few months on collaborating with tattoo artists from around the world. The two most popular tattoo styles represented in the plug jewelry are American Traditional and Geometric. The use of American Traditional tattoo flash is fairly common within the fashion world, with tattoo artist Ed Hardy making it big as designer with tattoo-inspired apparel. What makes American Traditional marketable in the fashion industry is that it is extremely recognizable as a tattoo style. When you see an American Traditional design on something other than the skin, you are still able to immediately connect the art with tattoos. UK Custom Plugs is selling these designs in part to sell the lifestyle, the image, and the essence of the tattoo world without forcing consumers to commit to a permanent work of art. The brand also focuses on providing designs from the more modern style of Geometric, a new style that is growing more popular within the industry day by day.

Some of the artists who have already collaborated with UK Custom include Manuel Winker, a geometric artist based in Merano, Italy; Lucy O'Connell, a New School Artist from Leeds, England; and Pablo Sinalma, a traditional artist working in Barcelona, Spain. Are plugs not your style? UK Custom has also expanded their tattoo line to a variety of other products in apparel, from prints to phone cases to wireless speaker boxes. Now anyone no matter their gauge size or tattooed skin can be inked up in tattoo-inspired pieces.