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Tattoo Madness Tournament - Black and Grey Round 2

This is our favorite month of the year for one simple reason: March Madness, well, and booze-soaked St. Patrick’s Day. While we love filling out brackets for the NCAA Tournament and throwing our paychecks into more pools than there are in the state of Florida we still crave more competition; specifically we want a bracket tournament that is more our style. With this in mind, we created the 2014 Inked Tattoo Madness Tournament.

We took 64 tattoo artists and threw them into a bracket divided by four different styles of tattooing: Japanese Style, Black & Grey, Realism and The Field. The Field consists of a grab bag of tattoo styles including Traditional, New School, Watercolor and many more. There is no seeding in the tournament as we entered the names in at random. When picking a tattoo to enter in the tournament we went through each artist’s online portfolio and picked the first tattoo that made us drop our jaws in awe.

Throughout the month of March we will put up posts with a series of matchups pitting two artists against each other so you can vote for a favorite. The winner moves on to the next round in the bracket while the loser goes home. On April 7 we will announce the winner of the 2014 Inked Tattoo Madness Tournament as chosen by your votes.

Last week we completed Round 1 of the tournament and narrowed the field down to 32 tattoo artists. By the end of this week we’ll be left with 16. Today we’re giving you Round 2 of Black and Grey. Don’t forget to go back and vote in Round 2 of both the Japanese and Realism regions. Scroll down and vote for your favorites.

Click gallery below to blow-up the bracket.


Tattoo by Carl Grace


Tattoo by Corey Miller


Tattoo by Carlos Torres


Tattoo by Tye Harris

Antonio Todisco

Tattoo by Antonio Todisco


Tattoos by Big Gus


Tattoo by Jun Cha

rob r

Tattoo by Rob Richardson