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VIDEO: Learn How To Become An Old School Tattoo

Searching for makeup tutorials that won't give you Kylie Jenner's lips or Carrie Underwood's smokey eye is tricky. So we turned to YouTube sensation Lex of Made U Look in an effort to avoid being basic and trendy and to start being classic and original, because tattoo enthusiasts are anything but basic. Lex also is a master of body painting, which never gets old but is seemingly impossible to do at home.

Made U Look, a YouTube channel with almost two million subscribers, offers standout lessons on how to transform yourself into anything the heart desires. In the tutorial below, Lex becomes an old school tattoo. And what is more classic than the women depicted in American traditional tattooing? You know, the ladies with the sleek finger waves and pink blush? The one with the perfect lashes and thin eyebrows? Total glamour.

The human-turned-old-school-tattoo is complete with a banner reading "STAY TRUE." Either side is pinned with blood red roses (watch to learn how to turn a blob of paint into a beautiful flower). She also admits in the video that becoming an old school tattoo is "one of my favorite looks."

The makeup expert only has one tattoo, though she has plans for more in the future, "probably when I'm like 30." She says, "Sort of like a half sleeve that's starting from the top of my hand and going up my arm."

In between jokes, Lex offers shading, blending, and lining techniques—and she makes it look way too easy. A few makeup products used in the video include Urban Decay Blackmail Lipstick and Primer Potion in Eden, Dior AirSpray Foundation, and Sugarpill Eyeshadow (pink). For a full list, visit Made U Look's page.

The videos on Made U Look aren't just entertaining to watch, they also have a philanthropic bent—Lex uses her videos as a way to fundraise for diabetes awareness. Donations, starting at five dollars, go to the American Diabetes Association. To date, Lex has raised more than $17,000 towards her end goal of $50,000.

Watch the YouTube star's old school tattoo makeup and body paint tutorial below!

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