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Tattoo Model Inspires Fans With Body After Baby

She's a Body Positive Model and Mama!

On social media, we're constantly confronted by models and influencers with near flawless bodies. This pressure to be perfect can have a serious affect on individuals, leading many to put their physical and mental health in jeopardy, However, many social media stars are taking a stand against rigid body standards, proudly flaunting their flaws for hundreds of thousands of fans. SuicideGirl Arachnie is doing just that, showing her followers the realities of her body after baby. She understands the pressure of perfect first hand and is open with her fans about her prior struggles with disordered eating. And today she's become a body positive role model for millions of young women around the world and there's no stopping this mommy on the move. Take a look at her inspiring story and let us know in the comment section on Facebook what you think of her body positivity.

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