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Tattoo Pain Chart

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Where do tattoos hurt the most? Following is a human body pain chart outlining the most painful places to get tattooed as described by our readers. Does it hurt to tattoo your forearm? Damn straight, all tattoos hurt or smart a little, depending on your tolerance but following we will show you the areas that those of all fortitudes absolutely believe to hurt the most with a little more specificity than our list of Most Painful Places to Get Tattooed.

Most Painful Areas to Get a Tattoo:
Face's T-Zone
Head/Skull. Not only does it really hurt, the vibrations are a killer on your brain
Under Arm and Arm Pits. It's not a sleeve unless the tattoo wraps around to the painful spot near your arm pit
Rib Plate
Ditches (elbow ditches really hurt!)
Groin area. Especially penis, testicles and vagina
Hands. Knuckles being a tough area
Palms—the part of the body you most used to feel really feels the needle
Behind the knee. If you haven't been tattooed there trust us on this one.

Sensitive Areas for Tattoos:
Rest of Face. Facial tattoos are no joke.
Stomach/Torso. The more of it you have, the more painful it can be
Elbows. Yikes and the ink fades here the quickest
Underside of Forearm
Inside of Upper Thigh
Knees. The elbows of your lower body

Definitely Hurts:
Anything just outside the above areas is pretty painful, especially wrists, ankles and under your butt.

Where you should get your first tattoo, where tattoos hurt the least:

Shoulders, forearms and thigh. The least painful areas have a little bit of muscle—too fleshy and it can really hurt, too close to the bone and you will be shook to your skeleton.


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