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Tattoo Style Guide

If you're in the market for some new ink, this guide will help you pick a style!

Everything you need to know about classic ink!

So you’re ready to get your next tattoo, but maybe you don’t know what the best style for your idea would be. Here at Inked, we’ve put together a fun tattoo style guide to show you all of the major styles — no matter how traditional or unconventional — there are in today’s tattoo industry.

As tattoos are slowly becoming more accepted as a modern art form, the techniques and styles are always branching out. Take a look at this tattoo style guide to see what cool styles might be the right fit for you, or just incredible styles to keep an eye on!

Tattoo Style Guide Featured Image

Source: Instagram @polynesian_tattoo_factory; @edofuku_japan; @kellydotylovessoup; @romantattoos

Source: Instagram @polynesian_tattoo_factory; Instagram @edofuku_japan; Instagram @kellydotylovessoup; Instagram @romantattoos