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Tattoo Timelapse - Bob Tyrrell

Today's SullenTV video is a tattoo timelapse featuring the legendary Bob Tyrrell. Any time you ask with a tattoo artist, particularly those who work in black-and-grey, about their influences Tyrrell's name always comes up. Tyrrell has made his name by taking some of the heaviest imagery and turning it into black-and-grey masterpieces that will last a life time.

The tattoo that is the focus of this video is no different. Watch as Tyrrell inks a massive crowned skull on to the back of a lucky client over the period of eight-and-a-half hours. Don't worry, the video is sped up to last only a shade over 5 minutes. You can learn a lot about how a quality black-and-grey piece comes together by studying Tyrrell's craftsmanship throughout the video. It also doesn't hurt that the musical accompaniment, a heavy metal track, goes perfectly with Tyrrell's signature style.

If you want to check out more of Tyrrell's work there is another SullenTV video that you should check out at this link. In this Porfolio Peek you can hear Tyrrell explain some of his personal favorites from his portfolio while checking out his work.

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