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Tattoo Timelapse - Teneile Napoli

If you are ever on the far side of the world in Australia you really need to stop into Garage Ink. In this shop on the outskirts of Brisbane you will find the immensely talented Teneile Napoli, the subject of the latest Tattoo Timelapse video from Sullen TV.

Napoli specializes in a style she aptly describes as "freehand fantasy with a realistic twist." The piece featured in this tattoo is of a subject matter that Napoli has particular fondness for and that fondness can be plainly seen throughout here work.

"Girls and dark gothic—I love the suggestive curves of a woman’s body," says Napoli when asked what sort of tattoos she looks forward to doing. "I try to capture the love, the pain, sadness, or lost longing in the eyes’ emotion when I do faces."

That's exactly what you see in the piece that she creates in this video. Watch as she goes from working with a source image on a computer to start, creates a stencil, all the way through finishing up yet another black and grey masterpiece.

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