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Tattoo Topic - Would You Finish Another Artist's Work

Considering that a lot of tattoos take more than one session to be completed there is a tricky ethical question that sometimes comes up—should one artist finish the work started by a different one? As the latest Tattoo Topic video from SullenTV shows this is quite a polarizing question. Some artists, like Steve Butcher, are very strongly against this. Artists like Butcher believe that since the tattoo is a piece of art it should be completed start to finish by the same person; doing otherwise is a direct affront to the artist that began the work.

Other tattoo artists, like Oliver Peck, believe that the choice as to who is going to finish a piece is at the discretion of the tattoo collector. Once the tattoo is on their skin it belongs to the collector, not the artist, in Peck's opinion.

Find out how many different artists feel in the video below. As you watch ask yourself if you would you get a tattoo finished by a second artist? Maybe the thoughts of these talented tattooers will help form your opinion.

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