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Tattoo Trends of 2017: What's In and What's Out

2016 was rough for all of us... Thankfully with the new year we can say goodbye to some trends that are being replaced by actual practical stuff.

What's In and What's Out

We all know 2016 was rough on so many levels. Often it felt like the whole world was living in an episode of "The Twilight Zone". Fortunately, there is hope! Already, we've seen some new trends on the up-and-up that are a beacon of light coming out of last year's tunnel of darkness.

What's even better is that we are starting to notice the slow decline of some tattoo trends that ran amuck without anyone trying to stop them. It was like we were so distracted that we just didn't have time to stop other bad things like "fitness tracking" watches to be allowed into restaurants... Unless you're an astronaut or training for the Olympics, this should never have been given a pass!

Read on to see our new favorite trends in tattoos and our least favorite "thank god that's over" tattoo disasters of last year!

lacework tattoo

Source: Instagram @leeloo_tattoos

Source: Instagram @leeloo_tattoos