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Tattooed Freckles Are A New Trend And We Don't Know How We Feel About It

You've probably heard of tattooed eyelashes and makeup, but tattooed freckles? Is this a thing?

Is Freckle Face The New Thing?

When I was younger, kids in my class were usually teased for having too many freckles. I personally didn't take part in those teasings... because I had them. Now that I'm older I've learned that having freckles doesn't make you a 'freak' but it's actually just concentrated melaninized cells that color darker after exposure to UV sunlight. They're very natural and most people grow out of them after puberty.

So why is this new trend of tattooing freckles on your face becoming a thing? Is it to look younger? Are freckles considered more attractive? Maybe everyone just wants to look like a Raggedy-Ann Doll?

Read on to learn more and decide for yourself if this trend will stick around...

freckle tats

Source: Instagram @rachaelhead_tattoo

Source: Instagram @rachaelhead_tattoo