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Tattooed Make-Overs of 1950's Pin Ups!

Never Too Old to Be Tattooed!

Besides the rogue female rebel or the sideshow attraction in the traveling sideshow, heavily tattooed women have really been a welcome phenomenon of post 1990s. However, for some, including Dr. Lakra (translation: Doctor Delinquent) they have sent iconic pin ups, ad spokes people and famous celebrities from the past into the tattoo shop for some heavy-duty ink.
The work you are about to see comes via the skillful hand of Mexico City-based tattooist, collector and artist, Jeronimo Lopez Ramirez, aka Dr. Lakra . For years Lakra collected vintage prints, photos and ephemera and after a bit of experimentation he decided to "tattoo" some of his collection...and the results are beautiful and at times surreal.


Photo via Dr. Lakra