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Tattooed Male Model Gets Naked For Donald Trump in Times Square

Krit McClean, a 21-year-old male model who was a student at Columbia University, stripped naked in Times Square on the morning of Thursday, June 30, where he kicked and screamed for Donald Trump's appearance. Wearing nothing but an elephant tattoo on his left side, McClean walked, danced and bounced on the ledge of Times Square's infamous shiny red staircase, a.k.a. the TKTS booth. He was immediately surrounded by New York authorities, who in the photos and videos seem to be totally unamused by the model's performance. Hundreds of bystanders swarmed the ledge McClean was prancing on, live streaming and photographing the entire hour and a half long stunt.

 Photo via Twitter @4danlopez.

Photo via Twitter @4danlopez.

"Donald Trump!" He screamed. "Where are you?" He repeated this rant. "Donald Trump! Where the fuck are you?" McClean, who signed with Ford Models in May and has appeared on the Thailand covers of Harpers Bazaar Men and GQ, allegedly spat on officers and tugged at his penis. According to the New York Daily News, his girlfriend stood in the crowd hysterically crying. The NYPD set up barriers and an inflatable safety platform 20 feet beneath the ledge McClean was standing on in case he jumped (which he DID). But the more officers tried to help him, the more bizarre his actions became. When the NYPD tried to talk him off the ledge, the man bent over and shook his ass in their faces. He also tried kicking and doing an odd fight-dance, waving his hands at the policemen.

Krit McClean shows off his elephant tattoo in this photo.

Krit McClean shows off his elephant tattoo in this photo from his modeling career.

He also yelled for more men than Donald Trump, "I love you Bruce Weber! I love you Mario Testino!" Weber and Testino are both fashion photographers. "I love fashion, it's taught me so much!" After more than an hour of proudly strutting his stuff to the open world, McClean jumped as officers tried to hold him back but completely missed the inflatable barrier. Still conscious, paramedics rushed to McClean, put him on a stretcher and rushed him to Bellevue Hospital for treatment.

photo via @chrisreyesch christian reyes

Check out the full act in the Periscope video below (he jumps at 42:25).

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