Tattooed Man Calls Tattooed Women Masculine, Unattractive, Disgusting and Immature


Can We Talk About This Double Standard?!

As women, we're accustomed to hearing criticism about our bodies from a variety of sources—whether it be the media, the diet industry or social media. And as tattooed women, we're guaranteed to receive unsolicited feedback from strangers across the board, especially coming from men. Men love to tell women how they feel about their ink, whether their opinion is positive or negative. I can't speak for tattooed men, as I have never lived life as a man, however, I have a hard time believing that they go through a similar life experience. For instance, how often do you hear women ranting about their disdain for tattooed men? Yeah, that's what I thought. But when it comes to men talking about their preferences (or in this case, distaste) for tattooed women, you can find plenty of examples in the form of articles or YouTube videos. Take a look at the gallery below to meet a tattooed man who finds tattoos on women unattractive and let us know what you think about his controversial point of view.

Watch the Video

In order to fully understand this story, you first need to watch the video published by YouTuber King Richez. Be prepared for things to get heated.